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Here’s what’s happening at The Genesis Foundation For Children.

Patient Narrative: The Nozzolillo Family

The word is Grant– in the verb form it means to be given something…the dictionary explains (a right, a power… property etc.) to bestow on, impart to, present with… On August 22nd 2012, my husband Mike and I jumped in the car- as planned- leaving our home in Westwood with my toes manicured, casseroles frozen […]


Patient Narrative: The Vekiarides Family

We were referred to the National Birth Defect Center (currently known as the Feingold Center for Children), by our pediatrician when Anna was first born. We will be forever grateful for that recommendation. By the time we had gotten to Dr. Feingold, he had many years of experience to draw upon. He knew the immense […]


Patient Narrative: The DeBlasio Family

When I was 18 weeks pregnant with my daughter, Katie (now 17 years old), my late husband and I discovered that Katie had Down syndrome. For the first year of Katie’s life, she was seen at Children’s Hospital in the Down syndrome clinic. We were living in Waltham and with 3 young children within 3.5 […]


Patient Narrative: The Simmons Family

When the Simmons family first starting noticing something wasn’t quite right developmentally they brought their son to a specialist. The first specialist told them that he would simply ‘snap’ out of it and that there was nothing to worry about. The second specialist… said the same thing. Dr. Catherine Nowak was different. Michael and Hilari […]