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Our Impact

The Genesis Foundation for Children supports care that treats the whole patient, not just their diagnosis. As we grow, we’re able to provide even more care to families in need.



On average, The Feingold Center sees about 350 unique patients and 700 patient visits per year.


On average, Dr. Nowak spends 60-90 minutes with each patient – allowing for detailed visits.


A patient is referred to about 5 medical specialists, therapeutics, or social service appointments.

Children born with genetic disorders often face a lifetime of challenges, starting with diagnosis and medical care, and extending to many aspects of their lives. For their parents, the experience can be stressful and demanding.

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The Genesis Foundation for Children continues to grow, extending our care to those in need.

Last year alone…


New diagnoses


Utilized our MotherToBaby - Massachusetts service


Therapeutic programs were granted funding

Meet The Families We Serve

The Simmons Family

When the Simmons family first starting noticing something wasn’t quite right developmentally they brought their son to a specialist. The first specialist told them that he would simply ‘snap’ out of it and that there was nothing to worry about. The second specialist… said the same thing.


Meet The Families We Serve

The DeBlasio Family

Dr. Feingold taught me to advocate for my daughter in the schools and in the community. He taught me that the parents are the ones who know their children best and that our voices should be heard.


Meet The Families We Serve

The Vekiarides Family

It went something like this: “There will be many moments of joy, hope and love; but, it is okay to feel the many moments of frustration, anger and sadness.” Such was one of the more remarkable conversations we had with Dr. Murray Feingold.


Our gratitude to The Feingold Center for Children & The Genesis Foundation is immeasurable. Because of their assistance, we have been able to spend more time focused on loving Daniel and his younger brother Brendan. By providing and facilitating optimal care for Daniel, he has reached his true potential and our family has been transformed.

The O’Donnell Family

Raising Ian has been a joy and a challenge. He has taught us all life’s lessons and positively influenced us and our core values and made us who we are today. He is turning 22 this month and is a kind, compassionate, thoughtful young man. The Genesis Foundation and NBDC played an integral role in his development and we will always be grateful to them for all of their encouragement, caring and support. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Deb Wilson

When I learned that my child had problems, I was sick with worry. It is an indescribable feeling of helplessness and powerlessness, fear and anxiety. I don’t know if those feeling ever went away completely. I will always worry. But I now know I don’t have to go it alone. We have the team of professionals at the Feingold Center for Children to thank for that.

Denise Porcello

Bella would need many specialists and we wanted the top ones. The Feingold Center stepped in immediately to help with that and still organizes Bella’s yearly visits with her team. It takes a huge amount of stress off of us as the parents to schedule everything, which is extremely important since Morquio is a progressive disorder.

The Burton Family