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More Than Medical Care.

We provide care & advocacy for children with rare diseases & their families.

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We are The Genesis Foundation for Children and we’re on a mission to give children and their families access to care that’s different. 

But we can’t do it without you.

Families affected by a rare disease or genetic disorder diagnosis often feel lost or frustrated, while also facing financial challenges that prevent their child from receiving the diagnosis, treatment, and coordinated care they need and deserve. Together with Mass General for Children and other specialized, targeted providers, The Genesis Foundation for Children helps thousands of families yearly obtain answers, a path forward, and a little peace of mind.

For over 40 years, we have incorporated this holistic approach to rare genetic disorders into all of our clinical, informational and therapeutic programs. We call it The Feingold Model of Coordinated Care, which is a comprehensive method of medical care that treats the whole patient and their family, not just the diagnosis.

Our Programs and Services


We fund The Dr. Murray Feingold Coordinated Genetics Service at Mass General’s Division of Medical Genetics and Metabolism. Since 2022, Mass General for Children, with the support from The Genesis Foundation, has worked to expand the Feingold Model of Coordinated Care to thousands of patients with rare diseases and genetic disorders, and their families.


Each year, The Genesis Foundation offers a limited number of grants to various therapeutic programs in the New England area. These programs serve children and young adults with intellectual, physical, and genetic challenges, and allows us to expand our reach to many more kids whom we may not be able to serve directly.


Assistive technology can enable children with complex medical needs to perform functions that may otherwise be too difficult for them, such as riding a bike or even speaking. Unfortunately, families often cannot afford these expensive tools, so The Genesis Foundation tries to relieve them of this financial burden by helping fund some or all the cost of these specialized devices.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can get involved in the mission of The Genesis Foundation For Children. We are eager to include anyone interested in learning more and investing their time or money in our cause.

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Dr. Murray Feingold

The Feingold Model in Practice

The Feingold Method of Coordinated Care was pioneered by our late founder, Dr. Murray Feingold, to better treat patients and their families using a more in-depth, wraparound approach to medical care. The method allows clinicians to spend greater time with families and in turn, be more effective providers of their needs.


Looking For Medical Care?

If you or someone you love has undiagnosed physical or developmental challenges, we can help you. Or, if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a rare disease or genetic disorder, the programs and services we fund can help.