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Our Programs & Services

Our programs and services are the “why” behind our “what.”


The Genesis Foundation for Children funds free or low-cost programs and services to assist families dealing with a rare disease and genetic disorder diagnoses – in practical and productive ways.

The Feingold Service at Mass General for Children

We support care that treats the whole patient, not just their diagnosis.

The Genesis Foundation for Children and Mass General for Children (MGfC) are working together to expand wraparound care for patients with rare genetic conditions and their families. Thanks to a $1,160,000 gift provided by the Foundation, the Murray Feingold Coordinated Genetics Service (the Feingold Service) was established in 2022 as part of Mass General’s Division of Medical Genetics and Metabolism. The Foundation’s support will provide critical resources that enable the program to extend its enhanced, in-depth model of care to families in need. These services include everything from testing and diagnosis, establishing treatment plans and coordination with subspeciality services, to social needs support and follow up care.


Our programs and services are extensions of the Feingold Model of Coordinated Care, which aims to take a comprehensive approach to aid these patients.

MotherToBaby Massachusetts

MotherToBaby is a confidential, free information service that is dedicated to providing New England-area clinicians, pregnant women, and their families with reliable information about the safety of various medications and products in the home and workplace. Callers learn how to avoid potentially damaging exposures before and during pregnancy.


Therapeutic Programs

The therapeutic programs we fund allow children and young adults with special needs the opportunity to participate in various arts and recreational programs, taught by certified instructors and therapists. We accept grant applications for programs looking for funding. The application submission window is between the months of July and September each year.


Assistive Technologies

Patients often benefit from assistive technologies such as adaptive bicycles, electric strollers, or Braille computers to aid their growth and development. We are committed to giving families access to these tools without worrying about the cost involved.