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Honor Murray Feingold’s Legacy

Updated on February 9, 2022

Some of you have shared your fond memories of Dr. Murray Feingold with us over the past four weeks as we have honored his memory by celebrating all that he accomplished with The Genesis Foundation for Children and The Feingold Center for Children.

We have heard from:

We have honored Dr. Murray Feingold with our “4 Days 4 Murray” campaign for the last five years. This year we felt it was important to both honor his legacy and celebrate our future. We currently have clinics in six locations and are in conversation with a seventh. Our goal is to continue to provide wraparound care for children with rare and genetic diseases to further the mission to which Dr. Feingold dedicated his life. The Genesis Foundation for Children’s mission, to help these children live their lives to their fullest and provide their families with holistic, coordinated care, has not wavered.

Your support is needed to continue our mission and further the legacy of Dr. Feingold.  Please donate today to fund the exceptional, coordinated care provided only at the Feingold Center for Children.

Next week, you will receive one more email in this series with a video from the President of The Genesis Foundation for Children, Matthew Hoffman. We will return to a monthly newsletter after this flurry of activity coming off of our pandemic hiatus.

In the meantime, we hope you will consider making a donation or pledge in honor of Dr. Murray Feingold.

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