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Therapy & Performing Arts Expansion

Updated on February 10, 2020

We have officially expanded our Therapy & Performing Arts programs! The Genesis Foundation is now funding two more therapy programs:

  • Wellspring Farm Learning Center hippotherapy program in Rochester, MA: Our grant will support students (in wheelchairs, with autism, developmental challenges, etc) from Carver School system for three months of therapy visits! Read more about Wellspring here.
  • Amplifi Music for Life Music Therapy Program, Lexington, MA: Our grant will provide weekly music therapy programs in partnership with the LABBB collaborative for students in the special education program! Read more about Amplifi Music here.


The history of the Therapy and Performing Arts programs is long: The Genesis Foundation began relationships with therapeutic equine riding programs in the 1980s. This type of reach expanded to fund over twenty different therapy programs around Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including music, dance, swimming, and even snowshoeing, all to support children with genetic disorders, diseases, and disabilities. In 2009, however, The Genesis Foundation informed Therapy and Performing Arts participants and programs that due to the incredibly difficult economy, funding was no longer viable.

The first revival of this influential program began with the partnership with the Bourne Public Schools, funded by the Cape Cod Fall Classic golf and fishing tournament fundraiser, held in Hyannisport each year. At Bournedale Elementary School’s Integrated Preschool, the music therapy and enrichment program consists of students in the special education program and their peers, creating an inclusive classroom. This past year, the program averaged 63 preschoolers from ages 3-5, and these students face challenges from such diagnoses as autism, cerebral palsy, and emotional difficulties. The activities of the music therapy program, such as dance and movement activities, singing, repetition and rhyming, greatly enhance the student’s education and allow for improvement in these children’s verbal responses, language development, social interaction skills, and academic development. Additionally, The Genesis Foundation recently was able to fund the purchase of 50 new musical instruments to be used in the Music Therapy Program.

The Genesis Foundation is thrilled to be able to share that through the generous gifts of our donors, supporters, and event participants, this grant-making program has returned to serve children around the New England area again.

With your help, we can expand to even more programs in 2018! Click here to support today!