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Patient Narrative: The Vekiarides Family

Updated on November 11, 2019

We were referred to the National Birth Defect Center (currently known as the Feingold Center for Children), by our pediatrician when Anna was first born. We will be forever grateful for that recommendation. By the time we had gotten to Dr. Feingold, he had many years of experience to draw upon. He knew the immense challenges we would face, but he also know the immense joy we would feel.

At each appointment, we came to appreciate the engaged smiles on each staff members face as they felt a sincere joy at seeing each family walk through the door. We knew that their vast amount of experience would give them the tools our family would need to guide our daughter through the tough times, but also through the times of milestone achievements! The coordinated care model was an amazingly helpful structure to guide our family through the myriad of appointments needed to address our daughters, sometimes complex, medical issues. Anna wouldn’t be who she is without the love and care that the Feingold Center has shown our family