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Did Someone Say, “Super Bowl”?

Updated on February 9, 2022

Did someone say that the Super Bowl is coming up? You thought that was in February, not in November. For nonprofit organizations, the equivalent of the Super Bowl is Giving Tuesday – the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

$2.47 billion were raised on Giving Tuesday in 2020, a 25% increase versus the prior year!

2.47 billion is an enormous number – 1 billion golf balls would fill the inside of Grand Central Terminal in New York City, the world’s largest train station covering 48 acres! Now imagine almost two and a half Gr

and Central Terminals filled with golf balls – although we’d prefer to imagine donations on Giving Tuesday.



Global Movement

Giving Tuesday has become a global movement with participation from people in 75 countries. Join us, and let’s make the world a better place together. We won’t call a penalty if you decide to get a jump start in the “nonprofit Super Bowl” that we call Giving Tuesday, so please make your donation today.

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