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More Than Medical Care.

We provide care & advocacy for children with rare diseases & their families.

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We are The Genesis Foundation for Children.

We fund programs and services that treat patients with a rare disease or genetic disorder from conception through adulthood.

We’re on a mission to give children and their families access to care that’s different. Families affected by a rare disease or genetic disorder diagnosis can feel lost and frustrated, while also facing budgetary roadblocks that prevent their child from receiving the coordinated care they need and deserve. Together with Mass General for Children and other specialized, targeted providers, The Genesis Foundation for Children helps thousands of families yearly obtain answers, effective diagnosis and treatment, and peace of mind.

We call this the Feingold Model of Coordinated Care.

The Feingold Model in Practice


We provide funding for The Feingold Method of care to allow doctors to give their patients the attention they deserve through spending the time needed to listen, understand, ask, and answer questions.


We support medical professionals who work collaboratively to provide unified care. We empower medical staff to work directly with insurance companies to help families with authorization for tests and therapies.


We provide funding for staff to coordinate and consolidate appointments to reduce the number of trips to see several doctors and specialists. Our families should be spending their time working and being with their loved ones.


We provide information about community resources to help families with complex issues such as educational advocacy, behavioral health services and financial or custodial planning for a child with special healthcare needs.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can get involved in the mission of The Genesis Foundation For Children. We are eager to include anyone interested in learning more and investing their time or money to our cause.

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Services & Programs We Fund

The money we raise comes from individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and special events. We fund The Feingold Service at Mass General for Children and MotherToBaby Massachusetts, as well as therapeutic programs and assistive technology services.


Looking For Medical Care?

If you or someone you love has physical or developmental challenges of an unknown source, we can help you. In addition, if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a rare disease or genetic disorder, the programs and services we fund can help.